Lowering The Tone

Meat Katie ‘Lowering The Tone’ Episode 15 - (Interview with Wreckage Inc)

September 3, 2016
Im proud to present Episode 15 of Lowering The Tone; the long form podcast created for the listener who is looking for something a little bit more than just a standard DJ mix.

The word "eccentric" gets thrown around a lot, but I can honestly say my latest guest encapsulated the word perfectly. Wreckage Inc (Alex Wright) is one of the key members of the legendary Mutoid Waste Company. The raucous UK based art collective, who have been creating jaw dropping art installations all over the world, stemming back to the mid 80’s and still going strong today. It’s a change from what I normally do (chatting to DJ’s/Producers).  As you will hear Alex loves a tangent… and with an hilarious affect. I found him to be an intelligent and dare I say, inspiring individual with a glorious outlook on life.

Music wise as always you can rely on a journey though the underground smashing through the genres on its way.

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I think that is it, nothing else let to say but I hope you enjoy this episode

Mark (Meat Katie)
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