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Meat Katie ‘Lowering The Tone’ Episode 22 (with Dom Kane Interview)

November 26, 2017
Meat Katie 'Lowering The Tone' Episode 22 (with Dom Kane Interview)
Aloha my friends 


I’m pleased to say Episode 22 of Lowering The Tone Podcast is finally ready and as always will be exclusive to our Patron’s at https://www.patreon.com/loweringthetone, for two weeks (for just $1 which includes instant access to the track listing). 



The $1 really helps us keep the show afloat and most importantly- advert free... so we really appreciate the help. 


This episode I had chance to catch up with Dom Kane who is simply a world class engineer DJ/Producer Label manager, he records for the excellent Whartone Records & Mau5trap, he also runs his own production based company Kane Audio, he is a real interesting character and I enjoyed chatting with him.


With regards to the music I kept things pretty upbeat & fluid this show leaving towards the different shades of Techno, the deeper selection will return next episode though I promise.


I hope you enjoy, if you do please please share the link with anyone who you might think will like it.


Take care


Mark (Meat Katie)


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